March 12, 2023

One of the most important business principles I learned says, “Everyone wants to do a good job, nobody wants to fail. When people fail, they either do not know their job or are in the wrong job.”

To get the most from their people, most companies would invest heavily in building their people’s skills so they can do their jobs well. While this is a good strategy, they need to realize that developing their people’s character is equally important. We believe it is character that will help people excel.

The abilities your people need is a combination of skills and character. If you help them grow in both areas, you will help them succeed in life. When they succeed, they will help you succeed in return. 

This program is based on the Values Formation Program we created for a large fruit company based in Davao from 2008 to 2010. We modified the topic list to address the issues we face today. Here are the topics under this program:


1. The Value of Work
2. The Importance of Submission
3. Living Within a Standard
4. Overcoming Depression
5.Being Truthful
6.The Diligent Will Rule
7.Excellence Drives Success
8.Right Use Of Freedom
9.The Power of Free Will
10.Persevering Through Trials
11.The Importance of Humility
12.Serve! And You Will Be Served

Dodong Cacanando

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March 12, 2023

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